Clearing Larry Floyd will economically combine high caliber talent and resources to tell this dramatic true story and hopefully affect change.

The Producers:

Producer/Director Gary Donatelli is a seven–time –Emmy-Award-winning Director and Cameraman. Most recently he was Producer on 23Blast, a film based on the true story of a blind football player. He directed over 1000 hours of Daytime Drama at shows like One Life To Live, Another World, General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful. He has produced and directed post-911 documentary work for the Fire Department of New York, is an Adjunct Professor at the NYU Kanbar Institute of Film &TV, and author of The ABC Monday Night Football Cookbook & Restaurant Guide.




David Spungen is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalism professional specializing in long form productions. A free-lance producer and editor since 1986, his work has been seen on all major networks and cable outlets. He has been with CBS News' 48 Hours since 2001, and his work there has included producing and editing a one-hour, behind-the-scenes special about the 2012 Grammy Awards. Other entertainment-related packages include behind-the-scenes features for The Good Wife, and the feature motion picture 23 Blast. Prior to concentrating his career on visual storytelling, David spent many years as an independent producer and entrepreneur realizing events in some of the great venues of the world, including Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall. He has been teaching Graduate students at NYU since 2001 and has a M.S. in Telecommunications from Indiana University.







Richard Martini
is an award-winning American film director, producer, screenwriter and freelance journalist. He graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a degree in Humanities, attended University of Southern California Film School, and is a 2008 graduate of the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC. His first documentary film, Special Olympians, won the 1980 Mexico City International Film Festival. Richard co-wrote and directed Cannes Man. He also wrote and directed the Dogme 95 film Camera – Dogme #15, which follows the life of a video camera around the world. He directed the documentaries Tibetan Refugee, White City/Windy City, and Journey Into Tibet. Richard also wrote the bestselling book—Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How To Navigate the Afterlife, which hit #1 at Amazon in all its genres—twice. A documentary based on the book was picked up by Gaiam TV for distribution in 2014.





Coordinating Producer:

Nailah Sims
has a passion for good stories, and the skills and savvy to produce compelling TV. Her credits include work with Oprah Winfrey, Alex Gibney, Anderson Cooper, and Robert Redford. Whether reporting or Producing, she aspires to tell compelling stories that impact the way people see the world around them.



Associate Producer:

Margo Lemberger
holds a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University’s Ernie Pyle School. A former headline-and-caption writer for the NY Post, Margo’s writing has appeared in the Jewish Forward, NUVO Newsweekly, Propaganda: The Official Newspaper of the New York International Fringe Festival, Arts Indiana, and many other publications.  She has also served as a producer for WRTV-6 specials and-- as the news director for WRZQ radio-- of her own weekly interview program.



Post Production Supervisor:

Fritz Gerald
has been an educator and facilitator of media content and technology for over 20 years at NYU. His professional experience includes stints with ABC, NBC, Fox News and Time Warner in various positions as producer, director, technician, and talent. He loves storytelling, fact or fiction.



Fiscal Sponsor:

Carole Dean
of From The Heart Productions, film industry legend, has been a powerful voice in the film industry for over 20 years. The Roy W. Dean Film Grant continues to put forth the most significant life-changing, culture-altering films anywhere in the world. This is one film grant that makes a difference in a positive way in our world.



Equal Justice Initiative - legal advice:

Estelle Hebron- Jones
, Law Fellow, has a B.A. in English Language and Literature from University College London and graduated from University of Virginia School of Law in 2011. Prior to joining EJI, she worked at the Legal Resources Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing legal advocacy for the poor, homeless, and landless people. She has also worked to expand access to legal aid for indigent people in Sierra Leone.



Directors of Photography:


When it comes to cameras, Gene Samuels, renowned DP and owner of EFP Productions LLC of Santa Ynez, California, has literally done it all. His resume includes network productions with ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX, PBS, BBC, BET, A&E, the Food Network and others. Commercial clients include the likes of Nike and Red Bull and he has shot various documentaries. This body of work has garnered him Emmy, Telly, and Aurora Awards. Heat, rain or snow, Gene is ready to go!


DP Scott Devitte grew up in Las Vegas so showbiz was in his sights early. He began as a musician and eventually made his way to behind the scenes having and following the dream to Hollywood and New York. He went from working Broadway shows to a staff job as Lighting Director at ABC-TV in New York where his duties included shows like 20/20, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, All My Children and One Life To Live. He has 4 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy Awards. Scott is currently working mentoring projects in Cuba and Colombia.



Pepe Cano... All that is Web and Social Media related.

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